USE Removable seal for inspecting pits made of concrete or other material with finish matching the surrounding pavement. AISI 304 stainless steel, can also be used in locations coming in contact with corrosive substances and environments where work is to be carried out under maximum hygiene conditions (food, dairy, chemical, etc.).

Complete with TTQST 5 × 30 bolts.

EXAMPLE porphyry, tiles, wood, carpeting, concrete, etc.

LIFTING lifting system with side screws, OMAF-patented

This system prevents the tiles from cracking in the middle, which, in turn, allows greater floor uniformity, as well as easier removal.

MATERIAL AISI 304 – X5 CrNi 1810 UNI 6900 (P04)

INTERIOR 10/10 thick metal sheet

FRAME “L” shaped 15/10 thick profile

PROCESSING molding, bending, automatic MAG welding

SURFACE TREATMENT pickling process