OMAF manufactures articles for the drainage of water and liquids in general by leveraging many years of experience in the field of stainless steel processing. A wide range of stainless steel products and accessories for the construction and food industry, such as raceways, manhole covers, grilles and various accessories for:

– swimming pools

– hospitals

– civil buildings

– dairy factories

– cellars

– slaughterhouses

– restaurant kitchens

– communities

– fishmongers

and other situations and sectors that can find the solution for their drainage needs at OMAF.

OMAF also offers a rich selection of stainless steel components and accessories of its own production, such as inspection manhole covers with floor or plate surface, corner guards, flooring containment terminals and other types of items that can be adapted to different needs.

The drainage channels produced by OMAF are made entirely of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel with a built-in slope, and can have a 20 mm (8 mm on request) slotted surface or a grid surface of various sizes. Complete with manhole covers and fringes, they can reach different lengths and shapes to be built and adapted to different installation needs.

We offer a variety of materials to produce our gratings, discover all of them!

Discover our production of metal gratings for the construction sector and the industry.

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