4,000 square meter facility for the production of international gratings

Since 1964, OMAF has been supplying the domestic and international industry and construction sector by manufacturing pressed gratings made of various materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, iron, metal alloys and many other materials suitable for the architecture, chemical, energy, pharmaceutical, food and wine industries, as well as public building construction, transport, and gas and oil extraction fields.

  • Production facilities spanning 4,000 m2
  • 400 m2 assigned to technical and commercial offices
  • 30 employees assigned to production department, technical and commercial offices, logistics and associate cadres.

OMAF relies on a widespread sales network ensuring its presence throughout Italy and across the global markets, and, in particular: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Qatar, Algeria, Morocco, France, The Netherlands and Portugal.

OMAF is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 45001:2018 (Safety) certified for the production and marketing of steel, stainless steel and metal alloy pressed gratings and construction products. With the adoption of this internationally recognized quality management standard, OMAF puts at the center of its corporate philosophy the commitment to improve customer satisfaction throughout the production process, ensuring that each specific project requirements and needs have been identified and met.

OMAF completes its rich range of pressed gratings with the production and sale of accessories for the building industry, to include galvanized steel products like flat manhole covers, seals, grilles, manholes and enclosures. Price list available on request, contact the OMAF Administrative Office.