Internationalization, customization and certification

OMAF is ISO 9001:2015 (Quality) and ISO 45001:2018 (Safety) certified for the production and marketing of steel, stainless steel and metal alloy pressed gratings and construction products. Certification vouches for quality and is a great added value our customers always take into consideration.

OMAF can supply pressed gratings with CE marking in compliance with EN 1090 standards.

Today, OMAF produces and markets pressed gratings all over the world, with particular attention to niche markets in the Middle East, North Africa and the broad EU theater.

High-quality standards are guaranteed and certified through each step of the OMAF production, even for the production of customized pieces, whose demand is constantly increasing.

Our gratings are entirely produced in house and the manufacture process is monitored by specialized personnel according to a defined certified production cycle. Our staff is at your disposal for any information.

Our main reference markets are:

  • food
  • oenological
  • petrochemical
  • pharmaceutical