Complete production cycle compliant with employment regulations and protection

At OMAF, employment protection is ensured by compliance with specific corporate guidelines.

  • We steadfastly comply with product standards and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace.
  • We are committed to constantly improving the quality of products and services (timely delivery and response, according to customer needs) to meet demands and, by extension, establish partnerships that go beyond a simple supply.
  • We develop new solutions and research new products to meet continuous and specific customer needs in the field of gratings, accessing new markets and new sales areas.
  • We continuously improve production techniques in order to enhance our products.
  • We continuously improve our management system to make production and organizational methodology more and more efficient, improving productivity and reducing non-compliance.
  • We continuously improve safety systems in the workplace, according to applicable statutory requirements and regulatory provisions.
  • We continuously improve the participation and responsibility of all departments and staff by raising awareness of individual obligations and the importance of any action in the field of occupational safety, in order to optimize personnel safety.
  • We constantly provide to OMAF personnel and to all those who come to work at the company headquarters with tools and information necessary for and adequate to the type of work to be performed.

Only by complying with these guidelines is it possible to achieve a complete and safe internal production cycle.