The OMAF Duplex pressed gratings are made up of vertical bearing bars and horizontal bars of the same height inserted one on top of the other by means of a groove of depth equal to half the bars.
The supporting bar is the one resting on the ends and with the notch facing upwards.
By arranging the bars perpendicular to the other, we obtain a meshed lattice, which can be variable according to the pitch between bars.
Double Duplex gratings have many uses: anti-intrusion for grilles, fall arrester for safety stairs and parapets, aeration closures, sunshades, as well as aesthetic use for partitions and faux ceilings.



The OMAF Duplex gratings can be made of
raw or painted galvanized iron and stainless steel,
Weathering steel, aluminum or other materials on request.


Duplex gratings can be made with a x b mesh of
customizable size, on variable pitch, as desired by each customer.


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